Kobo all set to create HTML5 eReading web app for the iPhone

Kobo Logo Kobo is on its way to develop an HTML5 eReading web app for the iPhone. With a reader base exceeding four million, the company aims to create an open-platform experience for its customers to read on any device.

With this new app, eReading capabilities will be extended to a platform which can be quickly updated and improved with new components and functionality. Via this app, users all over the world will be able to easily read, shop, browse and share on dedicated eReaders, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops and desktop computers.

Michael Serbinis, CEO of Kobo stated, “Kobo believes in providing an open platform for users, and our HTML5 development will support the company’s current app strategy to reach a broader base of users worldwide. HTML5 allows us to add more features and update our popular Reading Life social experience far more quickly, providing an agile method to deliver advanced enhancements to consumers without limitation.”

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Through this eReader app, users can access Kobo’s vast eBook store of more than 2.4 million titles quickly. It will not be replacing the company’s current apps, but extend its read-across-any-device strategy to wider variety of users. Also more value will be added for their existing reader base.

The decision to develop this app has been taken for the benefit of the iOS eReading community within the App Store’s new policies which recently underwent a change. As per these new guidelines, eBook retailers including Kobo have to alter the eReading experience for its customers by eliminating in-app access to the Kobo store.

Customers of the eReading company can continue to use the Kobo app to read books in their library, buy new books at Kobo.com and shop from a collection of over 2.4 million eBooks. All books purchased from the site are automatically updated in the iPhone’s Kobo app.

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Kobo will be releasing the HTML5 eReading web app later this year.