AppleKnocking Live Video unleashed by Pointy Heads Software

Knocking Live Video unleashed by Pointy Heads Software

Knocking Live VideoVideo sharing may have never been this easy before. Pointy Heads Software has released an app known as Knocking Live Video for iPhone users. It is claimed to be the world’s first broadcast app to the Apple iPhone.

Present video apps craft the Internet as a limit and facilitator of ‘sharing’. Nearly all those apps need users to shoot video, turn it small enough to be sent, then upload and transfer content via the Internet. Even the downloading process takes quite some time. But this app skips the ‘upload, send, download’ procedure by setting up live, device-to-device connectivity irrespective of the proximity or other obstacles.

The app can generate an immediate, device-to-device connection, thereby enabling one iPhone user to transmit live streaming video to a different iPhone device. Knocking is alleged to be a completely novel type of mobile interaction, redefining the means by which users share moments. Knocking is an instant, visual connection. Mobile users can now receive a knock, where they once used to get a call, an e-mail, text or multimedia message.

Jim Montalto co-founder of Knocking and Pointy Heads Software, commented, “We cannot be more elated to bring live video broadcasting to the iPhone. Knocking Live Video is truly a breakthrough in technology and social media. At the most fundamental level, Knocking Live Video lets users be in the moment with friends and family, regardless of distance.”

The app can make the best use of the potential of the iPhone camera, linking any generation of iPhone, irrespective of 3GS ‘video’ facilities. Knocking enables users to browse though another device, location and occasion.

This is how the app works. The user has to first open the Knocking Live Video Sharing. They have to then create an account. After that, they can request and ‘Knock’ their buddies. Following this, they have to just aim their iPhone camera.

Every Knocking app encompasses a ‘Facebook Connect’ attribute which mechanically publishes stories on users’ ‘Knocks’ in real-time. The social networking category in the Apple App store, the Knocking Live Video is accessible for download. The first 50,000 people can download it for free.

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