Kiwi choice slides in U-Powered Solar Charger

Kiwi Solar Charger

Looking for an easy-to-piggyback charger that falls light on the environment? Here’s one to think about! Kiwi Choice has just shed some light on its new U-Powered USB Portable Solar Charger for mobile devices. The new device can be recharged by the sun or users can also charge it via USB or via an AC outlet.

Designed to be eco-friendly, the U-Powered solar charger features a magnetic backing so users can use it in their car. The offering also sports three built in solar panels. Pretty interestingly, the charger folds out into a tri-pointed design, offering three solar panels for a truly great charging experience.

“When looking for a new portable charger, you need to check for its versatility, capacity, compatibility and environmental friendliness,” commented Sharif Higazy, VP Business Development of Kiwi Choice, Inc.

The new Kiwi U-Powered package includes one Kiwi U-Powered with 2000 mAh and 1000+ lifecycle, 11 free connectors, and USB car and wall charger. Both the USB car charger and wall charger can be used to charge users’ Kiwi U-Powered and all their mobile devices directly. This all can be stored in the included velveteen pouch.

Users can purchase the power portable power solution for as little as $49.99.