AppsKissMS app can send your kisses and bouquets to loved ones, out for iOS and Android

KissMS app can send your kisses and bouquets to loved ones, out for iOS and Android

Bet you’ve heard of MMS and SMS, but not KissMS before this. It’s the app that can send kisses, bouquets and ‘all the love’ you can express through a phone to your near and dear ones. Seriously. It’s Valentine’s Day, so call such tools gimmicks or proof that people have failed as human beings if you wish.

You thought the Romanticmatic app we talked about just recently was lame? KissMS takes ludicrousness to another level altogether. You can send someone a Get Well Soon Kiss or an R rated French Kiss. You can rate a kiss or have your friends (if they haven’t deserted you yet) rate your kiss.

KissMS App

Not sure if you want a kiss from a particular admirer of yours? You can reject their kiss and even change your mind and accept it later. If you’re still reading this, you’re allowed to send multiple kisses and even set the duration of the snog from 10 seconds and upwards!

The developers say that the ‘Face request feature ensures protection against vandals and perverts.’ Pity there’s no protection from the Valentine’s Day marketing opportunists. The KissMS app also has an inbuilt distance meter which tells users how far their kisses have traveled.

Total Distance Traveled, Total Number of Kisses, Total Duration are stats you can actually keep tabs on here. Oh yea, you may send virtual bouquets of flowers too. Here are the links to KissMS for iOS and Android. You’ve to pay for it, though we don’t think anyone should put a tag on ridiculousness.

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