KDDI to release HTC smartphones for Japan

KDDI,HTC E30HTA recent announcement by KDDI reveals that the Japanese mobile phone service provider will start selling Taiwan’s High Tech Computer (HTC) handsets exclusively across Japan. The premier model to debut in this collaboration is a new Windows Mobile smartphone dubbed the E30HT.

Takashi Tanaka, Associate Senior Vice President and Member of the Board, KDDI, commented, “Our goal is to provide customers the most advanced services all the time, to meet with wide variety of requirements, which demands quick and flexible mobile devices developments. KDDI is pleased to select HTC, who has established worldwide product delivery with proven speedy and innovative development capability. We believe that HTC Window Mobile devices will enrich the ‘au’ product portfolio and will surely enable more detailed solutions for each enterprise customer, too.”

“Customers in Japan have become accustomed to having the most advanced mobile phones in the world. This focus and attention to mobile innovation inspire HTC to introduce more advanced, stylish mobile phones in Japan,” added David Kou, country manager, HTC Nippon.

Sporting a touchscreen and built in keyboard, the windows based mobile phone will support KDDI’s plans to deliver a broader, more innovative array of 3G products and services to its customers.

The first model E30HT should be launched by the two companies KDDI and Okinawa Cellular Phone at CEATEC, Japan’s largest electronics products exhibition. The exhibition is slated from September 28th to October 4th 2008, though commercial sales of the phone are expected in spring 2009.