KDDI introduces Opera Widgets on three new 3G handsets

KDDI & Opera Widgets KDDI, Japan’s leading 3G operator, announced that Opera Widgets will be available on three of its 3G handsets. Toshiba W56T, Sony Ericsson W54S and Sanyo W54SA will be branded as “au one Gadget” by KDDI. This is the first time Opera Widgets have shipped on mobile phones.

With Opera’s Widget technology, the browsing experience will be improved and personalized for the users. Opera Widgets are small in size and easy-to-use appliances. They are built using open Web technologies.

Being a Web application made with open standards, “au one Gadget” allows the users to download their favorite Gadget to their handsets. While using the widgets, users can select their favorite widget and also install it on devices that will support Widgets.

The Opera Gadget is applicable to run on the handset’s idle screen. With the application, users are able to download more than one Gadget. To select a Gadget on the idle screen, the user has to push the “left” or “right” buttons to cycle quickly through gadgets.

The General Manager of Consumer Service & Product Planning Division, KDDI, Mr. Takashi Nagashima says “We are confident that au one Gadget will be a key application for our mobile phones.” Adding, “Furthermore, for mobile application developers, au one Gadget is an easy-to-use application platform. Many content providers have already decided to create their original Gadget. With Gadgets technology available, mobile phones can become almost anything the users want.”

Opera Widgets will provide users instant access to various services such as RSS feeds, weather information, stocks, news, information about traffic, SNS and many more.
With Opera Widgets, users can easily access their mails and surf directly from the Web.

Toshiba W56T, Sony Ericsson W54S and Sanyo W54SA handsets with “au one Gadget” will be available in December 2007.