Kazaa Mobile Music app now on iPhone

Kazaa Mobile Music With apps flowing in left, right and centre to woo music-driven iPhone users, Atrinsic’s Kazaa Mobile Music app is now set to ‘rock and roll’ on the Apple App Store. The Kazaa app allows listeners to stream as well as download unlimited albums, songs and playlists so that they can groove to their favorite music even when offline. Since Kazaa is a digital music subscription service, users will be charged if they subscribe after the seven day free trial of the app.

Melody maniacs along with listening to unlimited music can view cover arts and tracks of all albums. They can also easily sync and access their playlists across other web and mobile platforms, allowing them to listen to songs even when on-the-move. In addition to this, Kazaa radio, created specifically for each of their subscribers, recommends music to them so that they don’t miss out on any of their preferred songs.

“Our goal is to allow our subscribers to access whatever music they want, whenever and wherever they want it in the easiest way possible with the highest quality service. The launch of our app today makes it even simpler for our users with Apple devices to do this. This marks another important step forward in Kazaa’s product development. We look forward to continuing to improve Kazaa’s web and mobile services in every way. Kazaa mobile will be available on more and more devices in the future. The Kazaa music library, which already contains millions of songs from all four of the major labels, will continue to grow; we expect to add millions of more tracks from thousands of independent record labels. Our customer experience and our value proposition will continue to improve and be refined,” states Stuart Goldfarb, President and CEO of Atrinsic. “The music industry – and the way that music listeners consume music – is going through tumultuous and fundamental change. Kazaa is well positioned to embrace this opportunity.”

The app constantly aims to offer CD quality tracks but subscribers are given the option to select from standard or high quality audio streaming and downloading. Kazaa subscribers are required to pay a monthly fee eliminating the need to pay per track or per album. With access to some interesting features, the app may lure many music lovers to avail of its services.

The Kazaa Mobile Music app is now available via Apple App Store for a week free trial after which subscription charges will be levied on users.