Kane and Lynch Dead Men Action Mobile Game to roll out

Kane and Lynch Mobile Game Logo Eideos publishers and developers of entertainment software have released a new action mobile game known as ‘Kane and Lynch: Dead Men’ by the Danish Developer, Kiloo.

Kane and Lynch: Dead Men has a cinematic crime drama which tells a raw and rough tale of two anti heroes. One is a flawed mercenary while the other is a medicated psychopath, forced to embark on a violent and chaotic journey and hating each other every step of the way.

The game Kane and Lynch has a gripping storyline and relentless third person action game. It also has 38 action packed levels across five very different scenarios.

The game has a fast packed action game. The player is armed with a wealth of firearms, explosives, deadly booby traps and gadgets.

Kane and Lynch together must blast a path through each heavily guarded location with the help of effective menu systems to switch between shotguns and assault rifles with ease.

The gamers with mixture of platform elements and exploration coupled with endless army of enemies with interactive backdrops. The game is very challenging with high stakes and action.

The gamers who wish to have this game on their handsets need to check with their carriers for the game availability and the cost.