GamesKamikaze-2: The way of Ninja Mobile Game announced by Herocraft

Kamikaze-2: The way of Ninja Mobile Game announced by Herocraft

Kamikaze-2: The Way of Ninja Logo A new game for mobile phones was announced by Herocraft called Kamikaze-2: The way of Ninja.

The role-playing game ‘Kamikaze 2: The Way of Ninja’ is a captivating story about the adventures of ex-peasant Fujiyama who became the clan-leader of ninjas; a story you’ll have to write with a sword and shuriken upon the scroll of shadows.

The way of the ninja is a constant struggle and a double life. The ancient art gets passed through generations by the masters in the secret dojos in the depth of the Japanese forests. Mere mortals are banned from the hidden ninja villages, and the only way to leave the clan is by death.

The way of a shadow-warrior is dangerous and is laden with the bodies of those who stood in the way of the death-dealing clan.

Although, the call of duty may overcome the faith to the brotherhood: the very existence of Japan and even the whole world is in doubt. It is time to use those lethal skills for good.

Features of ‘Kamikaze-2: The way of Ninja’ Mobile Game:

  • High quality graphics and sound
  • 10 locations and quests
  • 4 unique playable characters
  • Loads of weapons, armor and character stat upgrades
  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • The game is available in two languages, English and Russian. The game can be downloaded from here or directly on to a mobile phone via

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