JayBird JF3 Freedom Bluetooth Headphones enhanced with new ear cushions

JF3 Freedom Bluetooth Buds

Back in January, JayBird had announced the launch of the JF3 Freedom Bluetooth Headphones at CES. And now the company has revealed that the JF3 Freedom Bluetooth Headphones are available with improved secure fit sports ear cushions. These tiny wireless Bluetooth buds tout to deliver great sound performance.

The proprietary honey comb design ear cushions help in keeping the buds secure even while performing sports. Inspired by the fog lamp grill of a sports car, it comes with a sweat proof and natural looking design. Featuring 6 hours of music and play time, the headphones boast of a hard shell magnet sealed carry case.

This advanced creation by JayBird is available in 3 sizes of ear tips and 3 sizes of secure fit ear cushions for sports. The new hexagon design ear cushions help deliver superb comfort and remain fit. The honey comb center assures a balanced amount of resistance against the back bowl of the ear.

The JF3 Freedom Bluetooth Buds can be picked up from the JayBird online store for $99 with free shipping and will reach retail stores late July. Additionally, existing Freedom owners can order a free set of the new ear cushions from Jaybirdgear.com.