IRCTCmobile Services to book Railway Tickets via Mobile Phones launched in India

IRCTCmobile Logo Now, you will be able to book and purchase rail tickets on mobile phones. The Indian Railway Railway has launched IRCTCmobile services in the country.

IRCTCmobile is device and network agnostic which means that users can buy any standard phone on any network from any of the Indian operators including Bharti, BSNL, Reliance or Vodafone to book and purchase their rail tickets on mobile phones.

This service works both on SMS as well as data connection. It displays icons that the user can choose from to book, purchase and electronically receive train tickets.

Customers will be able to book their railway tickets using credit and cash cards, view train schedules, check availability, get fares, perform inquiries and access other information via their mobile phone.

In order to inform people about mobile ticketing, these services need to promoted across India at all railway stations. Click here to head to the IRCTCmobile Web site.

Technology guru Sam Pitroda’s Chicago-based company C-SAM had actually pioneered the IRCTCmobile technology. He said, “IRCTCmobile is a great example of how the most advanced mobile technology can be deployed in a country like India to benefit the masses, including people at the bottom of the pyramid.”