iPhone users rejoice! Google Reader is here

Google Reader for iPhone BetaThe reader in your iPhone Beta has been made even better with Google introducing its latest version of Google Reader for the phone users. The latest Google application is a web-based Atom and RSS feeds reader which can work both online and offline. It also works in other mobile phones with advanced browsers.

The latest application works just like a desktop where the reader can select an item to read from the list, star it, share it and read the unread without refreshing the page. The Beta version has made reading faster and has come a long way since its introduction as an XHTML version in 2006.

Now the people at Google are always upto something new and innovative. This time around they have targeted the iPhone Beta users, making their web-reading experience better because their needs have been finally recognized. Users can visit http://www.google.com/reader/i/ through their phones to use the application.