iPhone SE drops down to just Rs 19999 in India

Apple’s 4-inch iPhone SE has been around for nearly a year in India starting at Rs 39000 officially. That price tag hasn’t changed on the manufacturer’s end, but it seems offline outlets across the country have begun offering a massive discount on the compact handset.

Kerala-based retailer ITNET Infocom caused quite a stir a few days ago when it took to Twitter to announce that it was selling the 16GB iPhone SE at just Rs 19999 and the 64GB one at Rs 25999. The catch here is that you’ll have to buy it via a debit or credit card to take advantage of the offer.

ITNET Infocom later clarified that you have to shell out Rs 25000 for the iPhone SE initially, following which you’re supposed to get Rs 5000 as cashback within 90 days. The store says that this is a pan-India offer valid in all Apple authorized stores.

iPhone SE

Consumers in the Twitter thread have claimed otherwise after investigating their local shops, but ITNET Infocom maintains that there will be a cost drop all over the country soon. The outlet is also selling the 32GB iPhone 6S at a Rs 7000 cashback under the same terms and conditions. This brings the value of the smartphone down to Rs 37900.

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ITNET’s even vending the 16GB iPhone 5S at Rs 14900. It asserts that this new spurt of cashback-based cuts is not available via online e-commerce retailers. Amazon India is currently putting up the iPhone SE at Rs 21499. It’s bundled the device with an exchange offer worth up to Rs 12000.