AppleiPhone Princess Plus - World's Most Expensive iPhone bearing Diamonds costs $176,400

iPhone Princess Plus – World’s Most Expensive iPhone bearing Diamonds costs $176,400

Diamond studded iPhone

Veils over the costliest iPhone have been lifted. Designed by Austrian jeweler and designer Peter Aloisson, the sleek ‘iPhone Princess Plus’ is studded with 318 diamonds, 17.75 carats of diamond and the music phone is also gleaming with 18k of gold around the rim.

This flashing beauty is priced at $176,400 USD, which makes it the priciest iPhone of all. One may think that since it is priced at such a high rate, there would be few or perhaps no buyers for it. But surprisingly a Russian businessman had already pre-ordered it in October 2007 and the handset has been delivered to him in January 2008.

The phone features yet remain untouched and the iPhone Princess Plus stands a class apart from the rest of the iPhones and also comes with a heavy price tag.

So the next time, when your loved one is planning to gift you a plain diamond bracelet or ring, you may want to re-consider demanding for the iPhone Princess Plus instead.

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