iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus prices revealed, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus now cheaper

Apple has updated its India-centric website with the price of the iPhone 7 series and has also slashed the cost of the iPhone 6S lineup. The former is going to be launched on October 7, while the latter was released last year of course.

It was reported earlier that the price of the iPhone 7 series starts from Rs 60000. Apple has confirmed that it as the tab for the 32GB variant of the device. The 128GB and 256GB versions will be sold for Rs 70000 and 80000, respectively.

iPhone 7 Series

Apple has officially revealed the price of the iPhone 7 Plus, which it had not confirmed for India until now. The 32GB model costs Rs 72000, while the 128GB and the 256GB ones will set you back by Rs 82000 and Rs 92000, in that order. We would like to remind you that the jet black color variant of the iPhone 7 series will be sold only in 128GB and 256GB memory capacities.

Meanwhile, Apple has cut the price tag for the iPhone 6S series yet again. The lineup now starts with the 32GB offering available for Rs 50000. The only model selling along with it is the 128GB one which has been reduced from the earlier Rs 82000 to Rs 60000.

The iPhone 6S Plus series also sees the addition of a 32GB base variant costing Rs 60000. It is accompanied by a Rs 70000 (128GB) sibling. The 64GB iPhone SE has a reduction in its price too. It will now set you back by Rs 44000 instead of the previous Rs 49000.

Barring the ones mentioned above, Apple has removed other products in the 6S and the 6S Plus lineup ahead of its new series’ launch. The company is reportedly planning to set up a manufacturing unit in the country to increase its business in local markets.