Apple iPhone 6C in pink color leaks online

What we have here might just end up being our first unofficial look at the apparent iPhone 6c handset which is expected to be unveiled by Apple in the months to come. A rear shell of the device has just hit the Internet, having brought with it a number of clues that strengthen the existence of a successor the 5c model.

As you can see, the rear shell of the supposed iPhone 6c looks very similar to that of the previous-gen model. Besides, it is pink in color which is again in indication of it being a successor to the 5c since that’s the only Apple handset till date to come dressed in the said hue.

iPhone 6c

If predictions are to be made right now, the upcoming 6c model will bear similar specs to those of the iPhone 5s. This claim isn’t without ground, as there are hints about that in the leaked images which have come via a Chinese parts supplier named Future Supplier (via MacRumors).

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The flash cutout on the pink colored shell resembles the pill-shaped flash on the 5s handset, and same is the case with the two rows of speaker grilles at the bottom. The Apple iPhone 6c is expected to be positioned at the low end of the company’s smartphone lineup that will also consist of the current-gen iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, aside from of course the other two next-gen models that are slated to be released sometime later this year.

iPhone 6c Rear Shell

While larger screens are the norm in the smartphone market right now, Apple will most probably be sticking to a 4-inch display for the iPhone 6c, as has been indicated by a prior leak.