AppleiOS 16.3 Rolled Out With Support For Physical Security Keys

iOS 16.3 Rolled Out With Support For Physical Security Keys

Physical Security Key

Apple has released an iOS 16.3 update for iPhones, offering the devices support for physical security keys, apart from adding other features. Thanks to the upgrade, users will now be able to use these keys for two-factor authentication (2FA) of their Apple IDs.

iOS 16.3 adds the Security Keys feature, which is aimed mainly at celebrities and public figures who are more at risk of having their IDs compromised. The physical keys protect them from attackers trying to obtain the second factor in their two-factor authentication to run their phishing scams.

They can make use of devices like the YubiKey to set up the Security Keys feature so that no one can access their account without the possession of the key. These keys can plug into the iPhone’s Lightning port or connect via NFC or Bluetooth.

iOS 16.3 comes with other additions as well. These include updates to Emergency SOS controls. While you can still call emergency services by holding down the power and volume-up buttons, the call won’t go through until you release them, allowing you to cancel in case it’s accidental.

iOS 16.3 also includes bug fixes for issues like the horizontal lines that appear on the iPhone 14 Pro Max after waking it and the strokes that fail to appear on shared boards in the new Freeform app.

There’s also a fix for a bug that prevented the Home lock screen widget from showing its app status. Sized at about 600MB, this update can be installed on the iPhone 8 and later devices, as well as the 2nd Gen iPhone SE.

If your device is eligible for the iOS 16.3 update you can head into Settings > General > Software Update.

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