6 Interesting Facts About 5G That You Didn’t Know Yet

10Remote Robotic Surgeries and Telemedicine

Roboto Surgery

In the field of medicine, the applications of 5G are going to be all about remote treatment. High-quality video conferencing and virtual reality will open up new telemedicine avenues, even as doctors will be able to have more interactions with patients without meeting them.

Remote surgeries are also something big that will be made possible by 5G, with doctors being able to operate on patients while sitting in another part of the world. The equipment and the expertise to do this are already available and a few such surgeries have already been performed, but the arrival of 5G will definitely make them more common.

Researchers from Columbia University are working on virtual physical therapy that will be aided by 5G’s low latency. It entails a patient wearing a virtual-reality headset and moving controllers to manipulate digital versions of physical objects like a ball, mimicking motions in a traditional therapy session.