AppsInstagram Reels Get Remix Feature To Compete With TikTok's Duets

Instagram Reels Get Remix Feature To Compete With TikTok’s Duets

Instagram Reels Remix

TikTok’s Duets feature has been encouraging some wildly creative videos for quite some time now and it’s time for Instagram Reels users to do the same now. The Facebook-owned company has introduced a similar feature called Remix that allows users to create their own Reel next to one that already exists. This gives you the ability to react to another Reel or create a mashup.

All the Instagram Reels uploaded from now on will be eligible for Remix. As for those that have been uploaded before the feature was introduced, users will individually need to activate the Remix feature for them. They can do that by tapping the three dots on the right of their Reel and clicking on Enable Remixing.

As for how a Reel can be Remixed, it is fairly simple. Go to any Reel that you wish to perform a duet with and tap on the three dots icon to get the Remix This Reel option. You can now record your own reaction to the Reel by simply pushing the record button. All creators will be able to see who Remixed their Reels through their Activity tabs.

Instagram launched Reels in August last year as a direct response to the immense user base that TikTok had grabbed in a very short amount of time. The platform took some time to match the popularity of the Chinese app, but it has made some serious ground recently. Not too long ago, a separate Reels button was introduced on the Instagram app’s homepage.

Just like Instagram, Snapchat is also said to be developing its own TikTok Duets rival at the moment. The feature seems to be in testing right now, so there’s no word on when it will be out.

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