AppsInstagram Gets Quiet Mode To Stop Teens From Doomscrolling At Night

Instagram Gets Quiet Mode To Stop Teens From Doomscrolling At Night

Instagram Quiet Mode

In what looks like an admittance of the addictive nature of its algorithmic feeds, Instagram has introduced a Quiet mode especially targeted towards teenagers. Once enabled, it will pause notifications and send auto replies to those sending direct messages.

“Teens have told us that they sometimes want to take time for themselves and might be looking for more ways to focus at night, while studying and during school,” wrote Instagram in a blog post explaining the new feature.

Apart from stopping notifications, this Instagram feature changes the profile’s activity status to let people know you’re in Quiet mode. Anyone sending you a DM will be told that you will not be notified about it.

And while anyone can use Quiet mode, teens will specifically be prompted by the app itself when they are found to be spending a specific amount of time on Instagram late at night.

Instagram Not Interested

The parameters of the Quiet mode can be set by the users themselves. Once it’s turned off, a quick summary of missed notifications will be provided. For now, the feature is only available in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand but it’s coming to new regions soon.

There are other big changes in this update and they are focused on giving people more control over the content being recommended to them. In the Explore tab, users can choose to hide multiple pieces of content by selecting them and choosing the Not Interested option.

Plus, users can even add a word or a list of words, emoji or hashtags that they want to avoid and their feed will cease to show content related to those words. This can be done using the Hidden Words section of Instagram’s Privacy settings.

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