Inspan unfurls vivid GHP -2V series of earphones from Genius

Inspan Genius Logo The hunt for colorful and stylish earphones seems to have come to an end with the new range of products that recently hit the market. Inspan Infotech has introduced an astonishingly trendy range of earphones namely the GHP-02V series from Genius. This line of earphones comes along with a gold plated adaptor for superior sound quality.

The GHP -2V series are available in fruit based and attractive color schemes that immediately go along with other personal computing gadgets. The entire range is designed to produce perfectly natural and highly detailed music. Equipped with in-line volume control, adjusting volume has become simpler than ever.

“Infotainment segment is increasing becoming distinct in nature and is demanding attention from component vendors. Young and trendy customers are driving this and want more and innovative products. Moreover seamless integration between various communication and computing products along with infotainment gadgets is pushing the demand to newer heights. Genius recognizes this phenomenon and comes out with products that cater to this segment. We at Inspan effectively pass on this intelligence based on the market feedback to brands that help them to come out with such products. This trendy ear phone would create traction among young and trendy customers and partners can look forward to engage them better,” stated Sudhir S, Managing Director of Inspan Infotech.

Flaunt the vivid earphones in five fruit shades of chocolate black, blueberry blue, mango gold, cherry red and strawberry pink. Genius has crafted its headphone range with high quality vibrant music for users. The GHP -2V series have a cable length of 1.2 M and weigh 15g.

GHP -02V Series by Genius comes with a one year warranty and can be owned for Rs. 380.