GeneralIndia's mobile data traffic jumped by 74 percent in 2014, claims study

India’s mobile data traffic jumped by 74 percent in 2014, claims study

Nokia Networks has conducted its annual reckoning of mobile broadband performance in India and the results show that data traffic has see a massive increase. The overall rise of mobile internet usage peaked at 74% in 2014 and 3G consumption has doubled compared to 2013.

Out of the total 74% data consumption in 2014, 52% of usage is of 3G data which is a good rise from 42% in January 2014. The overall growth of 3G is strong with a 114% increase and while many are moving over to the high speed network, 2G is still holding its ground in the country. The Nokia Networks report notes that growth here is at 41% which shows that 2G data consumption is stabilizing.

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3G usage has already surpassed that of 2G in September of last year with the former consuming being 3.2 times more data. The average requirement per user is pegged at 688MB which is 29% north from 2013’s estimates. 2G, on the other hand, also witnessed an increase of 48% with an average consumption of 216MB per month.

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As you probably know, 4G is yet to get widely deployed in the country, but there are a few circles where services are already live. The report notes that a total of 5.5 million LTE capable devices are available, but LTE subscribers total to only 85000. In other news, the company has already partnered with Bharti Airtel to deploy 4G services in various circles across India and it’s even in talks with other service providers for offering assistance in LTE roll-out.

These aforementioned details are part of the Nokia Networks’ MBit Index study which is an annual report that measures the growth and performance of mobile broadband services from the start of the year to its end.

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