India’s affordable $33 Firefox OS smartphone is just the first-gen iPhone of 2014

If the first generation iPhone were unveiled in 2014, would it cost as much as the Intex Cloud FX Mozilla Firefox OS smartphone which is priced at $33 in India? Phone Cruncher had noted that the latter handset seemed vaguely familiar for some reason.

And we must say, it’s not easy to realize at a glance, but the first ever iPhone and the Intex Cloud FX have a lot in common. It’s a rather laughable idea that the Firefox OS device has similar internals as the ‘Jesus phone,’ and yet cannot offer enough competition to today’s low-end competitors.

First iPhone Intex Cloud FX

But the Cloud FX by the Indian OEM was going to have a hard time competing anyway seeing as it’s not just an ultra-cheap smartphone priced at Rs 1999, but the least expensive one of them all. There’s only so much you can fit into a gadget on a strict budget and as BGR puts it, the Mozilla phone in question retails at less than dinner for two.

Phone Cruncher made a side-by-side comparison of the 2007 Apple iPhone and Intex handset, a snapshot of which we’ve posted below. Every detail from 2G connectivity to the 3.5-inch 320 x 480p touchscreen to the 128MB RAM to the 2MP camera is present on both lists. The Cloud FX is lighter but slightly bigger than the retired iOS device.

First Gen iPhone Intex Cloud FX

The first generation iPhone was launched in 2007 at $499 for the 4GB capacity. Considering its innards, the price seems rather ridiculous by today’s standards, don’t you think? As for India’s $33 phone, it’s one of two Firefox OS smartphones in the country, the other being the Spice Fire One.