Home Games iFun4All all set to amplify iPhone experience with Fish Tank game

iFun4All all set to amplify iPhone experience with Fish Tank game

Fish Tank Game

Developers and companies are coming up with innovative applications and games to revive the entire iPhone experience. Well, iFun4All has announced the upcoming availability of arcade-style matching game dubbed Fish Tank, in the vein of Columns or DynoGems. This game enables players to immerse themselves in an exciting horizontal gameplay.

Fish dipped in various eye-catchy hues will move from the left-hand side of the screen to a 5 x 8 grid on the right-hand side. Players will have to precisely control the up and down movements of the fish simply by tilting their Apple smartphone and guide them into rows. Gamers will also have to match colors and not the gems or blocks.

The matched groups do not intuitively vanish when the gamer reaches the minimum number in a row. Players will have to manually clear the group of matches. The power-ups drift along like the fish and gamers can play them at the most appropriate time. Offering two modes namely the arcade mode and challenge mode, this new game renders 24 distinct challenges and in each challenge players can win a different medal.

The Fish Tank game is expected to be avaialble on the iOS platforms in a few weeks.