iFrogz unveils EarPollution accessories: Hype earbuds, Fallout and NervePipes earphones

iFrogz Hype earbuds, Fallout and NervePipes earphones

iFrogz a leading developer of innovative accessories for the iPhones and iPods has expanded its Earpollution line of audio accessories. iFrogz unveiled three new user friendly headphone and earphones; NervePipes and Fallout headphones and Hype earbuds. These headphones and earphones are engineered in a very stylish and exclusive way with various components with multiple colors and artwork choices.

There are about 20,000 unique options. The NervePipes and Fallout are over-the ear headphones. Each headphone is equipped with 40mm drivers with frequency 30Hz to 20KHz. The headphone comprises 1.2 meters cords, the users can customize five different pieces of NervePipes; headband, sidepipes, hinges, speakers and ear cushions make it very comfortable for users to it. The Fallout headphones offer similar kind of customizable.

The Hype earphone incorporates customizable base and rim parts. It is equipped with more than 10 options of Accent Pieces and more than 70 options of Artwork pieces.

“The EarPollution line gave us a chance to expand our offerings past cases and branch into brand driven, quality earphones and accessories,” says Scott Huskinson, CEO and owner of iFrogz. “The ability to customize these earphones gives iFrogz customer completes creative control to develop something truly unique and original.”

The iFrogz EarPollution headphones and earbuds are now available at the iFrogz website. The Fallout and NervePipes earphones are priced at $34.99 each and the Hype earbuds is available at a cost price of $19.99.