Idea launches enhanced 3G network in Delhi

Idea Cellular has launched its own 3G network in New Delhi, after having set up nearly 2500 3G mobile towers and 5000 modernized 2G sites in the city over the course of 2 years. The network will be based on the 900MHz spectrum band which will supposedly provide a superior service than before.

The 3G rollout will be Idea Cellular’s 1st in a metro city. Previously, the telecom operator had to depend on a 3G Intra Circle Roaming Agreement (ICRA) with Airtel and Vodafone in order to supply the network to its subscribers in the area. It plans to start it own 3G service in Kolkata next, which will bring its coverage to 13 circles across India.

Idea Cellular

In a press statement, Idea revealed that it derives 80% of its revenue from its 3G network. According to the company, the bandwidth contributes to 60% of the industry’s revenue. It claims the new 900MHz spectrum band comes with high-caliber transmission and propagation capabilities. This supposedly results in a jam-free service.

Sanjeev Govil, the Chief Operating Officer at Idea, said the brand currently has a user base of 6 million customers in Delhi, out of which about 30% are data users. It is also in the process of opening more service centers in the region. Furthermore, the player is introducing a number of products and services for its 3G consumers.

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This will include offers like bundled voice and data packs, 900MHz dongles and customizable plans. Ambrish Jain, the Deputy Managing Director at Idea, says people in the Delhi NCR area are one of the heaviest consumers of voice and internet services in India. These customers are apparently unhappy with the service which is currently being provided in city due to overcrowded networks.

Idea has invested in the 900MHz band in order to cater to the rising demand for mobile connectivity in the metro. It’s also planning to launch its 4G services in India by early 2016.