iConvert scanner for iPad to unleash next month

iConvert Scanner

The freshest accessory for the Apple tablet which could be quite a useful tool for business professionals on the go is the newly announced iConvert scanner for iPad. As its name suggests, this portable device converts the slab into a scanner which lets users scan hard copies to JPEG files which are directly stored in the gallery.

The iConvert scanner can also be used with the new version of the Apple slate, the iPad 2. Sporting a sleek form factor, it is said to be apt for those who are constantly on the move and need to carry important work documents wherever they travel. According to Cult of Mac, this device is equipped with a feeder tray to insert paper and a dock for resting the tablet on. Users are allowed to adjust the size of the front feeder from 2 to 8.5 inches wide so that photos and documents of varied dimensions can easily be fitted into it.

iConvert Scanner 01

Announced by Brookstone, the accessory provides users with instant access to e-copies of their important documents. It claims to deliver vivid and crisp JPEG images with a high-resolution of 300dpi. These JPEG files get automatically stored in the picture folder of the slate. The latest offering is capable of scanning almost all sorts of paper articles like genealogy records, greeting cards, old photos, recipes, children’s artwork, meeting notes, resumes, renderings, signed contracts, receipts, expense reports, business cards and many such items.

The iConvert scanner for iPad can now be pre-ordered online at brookstone.com for a price of $150. It will commence shipping from February 1 and would be accompanied by a one year limited warranty.