iCharge Eco, solar charger for mobile phones

iCharge Eco solar charger Mobile phones are been introduced every day, but today this news is for mobile phone chargers. Users can now save their electricity bill by using new eco chargers. Tokyo based electronics company Links International unveiled the iCharge Eco, a solar charger compatible with many mobile phones.

The solar charger measures 107.5 x 51.5 x 15.3mm and weighs about 80 grams only. The iCharge Eco features a solar panel and supports PSP/iPods/Nintendo DS and mobile phones. The iCharge Eco is powered by 1,350 mAh battery that is capable to deliver a current of DC5.0 to 5.5V at 600mA and is equipped with lithium polymer battery. The charger takes around 15 hours to get it charged via the solar energy, 5 hours via USB and 3.5 hours via an AC Adaptor.

The iCharge Eco is available in black, white, silver, red, pink, blue and green color. A new eco friendly charger that can reduce your electricity bill cost by $100.