IAMAI’s Mobile10X to raise India’s app development potential

IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) has announced the launch of a Mobile10X initiative that’s aimed at maximizing India’s app development potential. The program intends to increase the number of skilled developers from 50000 to 500000. It also wants to help rake in revenues of up to Rs 10000 crores from applications.

The focus is on Android and iOS, with Google India and Paytm being the founding partners of Mobile10X. Apparently, the Play Store does not host any apps developed in the country, and the venture unveiled by IAMAI wishes to bring the count to 10 at least. It is being called the ‘largest capacity building and ecosystem enabling program’ for mobile applications.

IAMAI Mobile10X

By 2019, a minimum of 5 startup hubs will be established across India, the first one being scheduled for inauguration in October next month. The structure will house testing, design, capability building and work-space facilities. IAMAI is convinced that the apps economy will drive the internet growth here to another level altogether, as more and more folks download applications.

India plays hosts to over 213 million mobile internet users, out of which 130 million are local language consumers on the web. But it’s been widely acknowledged that the country faces the problem of shortage of skilled developers. For this very same reason, Google along with Tata and Udacity, rolled out online IT degrees and scholarships for those wishing to build Android apps.

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Mobile10X aims at developers who need a small push in the right direction, students, beginners and professional developers. It will train 500000 engineering students on Android and iOS, while acting as a mentoring platform. It will also connect creators with investors, industry veterans and peers.