I-play to offer Mobile Videos, Games on Samsung Handsets

Texas Poker MobileGame On Samsung E950 I-play, which is a publishing arm of Oberon Media, has made an announcement to make a deal with Samsung to integrate the video of Texas Hold ‘em and Negreanu Pro Poker mobile game which is been made especially for cell phones.

A specially designed poker pack will be launched by Samsung containing the E950, Negreanu Pro Poker, the mobile game which will contain twenty-five of the clips of ‘Win at Texas Hold Em’ which will be available through hundreds of retail outlets in France.

I-play together with Daniel, the creator of the game have created video clips especially for mobile phones which can help the players who are occasional players or pro and can learn with this video clips and can win. This video clips is 2-3 minutes with twenty-five clips which covers every basic fundamentals and tells bluffs to hot tips.

Stephane Blanc, Business Development and OEM Director Europe for I-play,explained, “We are extremely excited to be launching the next generation in poker entertainment with Samsung and to be working with someone as accomplished and well-respected on the poker circuit as Daniel.”

Blanc further continued, “I-play’s diversification into mobile video capitalizes on the huge opportunity this space presents while leveraging the company’s partnerships and proprietary technology strengths. The combination of the mobile video and game signals a ground-breaking new offering and an industry first, offering bite sized chunks of entertainment to develop the Texas Hold’em aficionado in us all.”

This new generation poker mobile game is made available in the market. While, this game will come embedded in the Samsung E950 from February 2008.