Humble Bundle for Android launched as a limited period offer

Humble Bundle For Android

For all mobile gaming enthusiasts, the Humble Bundle for Android is here with four games and a ‘pay what you want’ charging scheme. The offer can be grabbed for a limited period of time and the charges paid support charity as well.

The package includes titles like Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Osmos, Edge, and World of Goo, reports Joystiq. Of these, the first three constitute the basic package, whereas World of Goo will be offered as a bonus copy if buyers decide to exceed the average payment amount. The indie games in this bundle are also compatible with the Windows and Linux as well as Mac OS.

The average price that has been specified for taking advantage of the World of Goo title is $5.91. Users willing to pay more than this amount can unlock the game which creatively employs the standards of structural engineering. The cash paid per bundle gets divided among charity based foundations, Humble Bundle and game developers as well. There is even a custom setup available that specifies what amount goes to whom.

While the approximate market price of all these games is quoted to be $60, the Humble Bundle for Android seems like a good opportunity to load the handset with exciting games at any desired price. The purchase can be made through the official website for the same, which also proffers further instructions about downloading the titles. As mentioned earlier, this offering is available for just a limited time period only and the last time we checked, the countdown displayed around 13 days.