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How Can You Level Up Faster In Valorant?

valorantThe most important aspect of making progress in Valorant is gaining levels. The only way to acquire operators, enable Competitive, and access a few other features is to level up, love it or hate it. The process of leveling up is pretty sluggish, but there are certain hints and suggestions that may help speed it up for you. Here is a quick guide on how to level up in Valorant.

How Can You Accomplish This?

At the conclusion of every match, you will get experience points as a prize (Account Points). This is the primary means through which you may advance in levels on your account. The only way to level up the Agent Contracts, as well as the Battle Pass with experience, is to use it, which is the key distinction between AP and XP. When a character has reached their maximum level, further experience is considered pointless.

However, regardless of the game style you choose to play or rather the agent you employ, you will always receive Account Points as a reward. In Valorant, there are a significant number of levels to go through, and if you want to reach the final level boundary, you are going to need to put a significant amount of effort and time into grinding.

The process of leveling up in Valorant might seem like a real slog at times. You won’t be able to level up in a single or even a couple of games beyond level 20, especially at that point. However, there are a few things you may do in order to level up far more quickly.

Playing some matches in Team Deathmatch as well as Spike Rush seems to be your best choice if you want to level up quickly with a Smurf profile and get there as quickly as possible. Always be certain to play wing in at minimum one of your daily games to qualify for that additional AP.

Playing unrated matches is a good way to increase your rank or get experience at a rapid pace if you are already very good. Unrated games have the ability to earn you far more experience, but they also get the possibility of taking far longer to complete despite the fact that it is not as strenuous as Competitive and does not last as long.

Playing a combination of Unrated as well as Spike Rush is the best way to finish your weekly and daily XP tasks successfully. There are several missions that can’t be finished in Spike Rush, and in Deathmatch, there are no missions that can be finished at all.

Extra Tips

valorant gameIt is a given that playing Valorant necessitates knowing how various Agents interact with one another over a variety of maps. However, having a trusted Agent whose abilities they are familiar with inside and out might provide a significant advantage when trying to level up as quickly as possible.

To put it another way, maintaining your status as an Agent delivers a performance benefit. If an Agent is capable of capitalizing on their skill set, they will make fewer strategic errors and will have more options available to them. As a result, players complete a round more quickly and receive experience points more often as a result of this change.

Spike Rush is both the most financially advantageous and practically viable option for gaining experience because of the amount of XP that is awarded for each victory and the duration of time that is allotted to each match for each game mode. Spike Rush is easily the mode with the fewest complications, despite the fact that other game modes, such as Unrated and Competitive, allow players to select the weapons they want to use, and other modes, such as Replication and Escalation, allow players to play as the same Agent and escalate their weapons.

Although it may not make sense at first, playing Valorant on a daily basis does offer benefits when seen in the broader context of the game. Players that complete their very first match in Valorant are eligible for awards, in addition to having the opportunity to participate in a variety of Daily Missions.

Every time a player wins their first match of the day, they get a reward of 1,000 experience points. This may add up to 30,000 experience points over the course of a month. And taking into consideration the fact that each Act—and, by extension, the Battle Pass—lasts for around two months, those competitors who are able to win once every day are certain to receive approximately 60,000 XP.

We hope this guide helps you level up both your account as well as your main agents. It can be a drag, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be an expert in no time! There are other avenues you could explore when looking for ways to enhance your Valorant experience, but we leave those to you. Happy hunting!

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