Hopes regarding BBM for Android elevated with recent image leaks

BBM, Android Logos

Rumors about the BlackBerry Messenger service being developed as an app for Android operating system and the iOS have been doing rounds for a few months now. Now, Techradar has revealed images which hint at an Android app in the pipeline.

The possibility of this happening was being expressed since March, with this also being seen as RIM’s effort to cash in on the user base of these mobile operating systems. Regardless of corporate motives, users of Android may have a chance to rejoice as the app will enable cross-platform communication and bring the highly popular service to their handsets. Although, this will be more of a lite version rather than a full fledged service which might mean access to only select features. The app is expected to leave out features like the BBM Music and even the ability to share multimedia files.

The Android app is expected sometime next year, as the development is reportedly still in primary testing stages. Earlier, there was also a possibility of a similar iOS app soon to be developed. But with iMessage, a similar message service exclusively for the iPhone, expected any time from Apple, it might be a distant dream.

The screenshots don’t make it very clear how the app will work or what features it may carry, but chances are that it will run on the same unique PIN number system managed by RIM.