HootSuite iPhone app gets a new update

Hootsuite iPhone Update

Users now have a cool way to tweet with the help of different languages. HootSuite has recently added a fresh update to the HootSuite iPhone app (both Full and Lite versions), making the application extremely user-friendly for users who like to share their content with friends.

The app offers translation of all the content to four different languages: Japanese, German, Spanish, and Portuguese for non-English users. With help of a single-click, it’s also going to be simpler for users to translate tweets to the phone’s default language to understand what their friends are saying in other languages rather than scrolling through 50+ choices. This particular feature helps monitoring brand sentiments from other countries and initiating local conversations when traveling.

Users can also send tweets to their non-tweeting friends, family and co-workers via the ‘Email Tweet’ option. A quick click on the phone’s built-in mail app will enable user to email their tweets to all friends and acquaintances that do not use twitter.

In addition, the Hootsuite iPhone app offers Instapaper to save all the web content to read it later with a single click. This allows all busy users to read thoroughly the content of a link with their own time. Both Email and Instapaper tools can be accessed from an expanded menu with finger-friendly buttons.

HootSuite also plans to add more updates in the near future for exciting features for convenient communication.