Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit splashes out with special effects

Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit 1

With the festive season approaching, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s users can look forward to dress their precious handsets in the Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit cases. Well, it has a lot to do with iPhoneography as it seeks to sprinkle some photography magic on the smartphones.

This kit can be conveniently transfixed onto the phone just like a cover. The accessory claims to offer 9 exquisite effects and filters without any sort of installed app or software. Highly reminiscent of the old rotary dial phone, this filter is touted to splash in some special effects to make images look alive and closer to reality. More than anything else, users have a chance to play around with their imaginations and create their own masterpieces through their handset.

Working just like the Holga 2 way split image filter, the case comprises dual image lens that will produce two identical images of the desired scenario. Similarly, there’s also a triple image lens which will produce three identical images of the view. Get the quadruple effect with the quadruple image lens that will generate four identical images.

Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit 2

A 60mm macro lens will help iPhone owners click photos from a distance of nearly 60mm through the lens. In case the desired effects look a bit overboard, the empty hole feature can be accessed to present images with no effect whatsoever.

Color filters like red and green will enhance the absorption of green and red hues. Such filters also arrive with a clear center attribute that will form a circular spot at the center with the ambience in corresponding colors. An interesting add-on is the red filter with a clear heart shape center which will display a heart-shaped center amidst the red color settings.

The Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit price is noted to be tagged at $25, as reported by engadget and is out in bright colors of black, white, silver, red and blue.