Wello iPhone case and holistic health tracker launched for Rs 12350 [Video]

Say Hello to the Wello iPhone case, a protective cover for your handset which also acts like a holistic health tracker you don’t need to make an appointment with. Looks like the Apple iWatch will have some competition if delivering your vital health information is meant to be its essential selling point. Because the Wello got here first.

It let’s users check their heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen level and more by simply placing their fingers on the four sensors its embeds. Think you’re running a temperature? No need to reach for a thermometer, the Wello can deliver all this data and then some. The case is not just going to hit iPhone, it will be made available for smartphones running Android 4.3 and above too.

The company behind the health tracking accessory is called Azoi and it was founded by Hamish Patel. The case is meant to offer users the convenience of keeping tabs on their vitals without requiring to rush to a doctor’s every now and then. But the brand does caution that the Wello, which is currently up for pre-order, cannot replace their GP.

It is merely meant to help people monitor their own or their loved ones’ health. The cover connects to your iPhone or Android device over Bluetooth LE. The downloadable app which is designed to work with the add-on stores the information it provides. The case can stay powered for almost 2 months of average usage and may sell with extras such as a spirometer for measuring the user’s lung function.

Wello Case

The Wello costs Rs 12,350, $199 or £120 depending on whether you order it from India, the US or the UK. Azoi’s referral program offers buyers $10 for every friend they convert into a customer. So you could technically get the case at half price since only up to 10 referred purchases are considered by the company. Here’s the pre-booking page for it.