Say Hi to Arsh Shah Dilbagi, Indian teen behind device which turns breath into words

A 16-year-old boy who hails from Harayana’s Panipat region in India has come up with an innovative device that can turn breath signals into speech using the assistance of Morse code. Arsh Shah Dilbagi is the name of this smart, amateur inventor who is the only finalist from Asia to have been chosen for the Google Science Fair 2014.

He has named his gadget Talk, and has emphasized that it has been built to help speech impaired and paralyzed people to better communicate with others. As if that wasn’t enough to impress, Arsh has pointed out that it is world’s fastest and cheapest such gadget.


It falls under the category of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices and apparently costs just $80 or around Rs 5000. This will definitely enhance its reach to a much wider audience than other similar products available with different technologies onboard.

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As to how Talk works, it can take input of your breath either from your mouth of from your nose and read it in the form of Morse code. The machine then interprets the breath and converts it into sentences to say out loud what you want it to say.

While speaking to The Times of India, Arsh has mentioned that he wishes to improve upon his invention furthermore soon. His future goals include adding auto-predictions to his computing engine as well as the integration of Talk’s functions with those of Google Glass.

Arsh Shah Dilbagi, who calls himself a fan of applied science, will be requesting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Health Minister Harshvardhan to consider this project for a wide release in India.