Hands-On Mobile, XENDEX join hands to launch BEEzzz Mobile Game

Beezzz Mobile Game Screenshot

Hands-On Mobile, a developer of connected games and applications has partnered with XENDEX, has announced the launch of a new mobile game known as BEEzzz.

BEEzzz is an action puzzle game in which the player’s bee buzzes between different-colored flowers, building more flower chains.

Quick wits and sharp moves such as the ‘slingshot technique’ enable the player to navigate quickly around the bee’s lush world, pollinating as they go in their race against the clock and their own scores.

James Kaye, Director of Marketing EMEA of Hands-On Mobile, commented, “Action-puzzle titles such as BEEzzz have an incredibly broad appeal we are delighted that we are providing such an exciting, cute and playable game on mobile.”

He further added, “We are also delighted that our partnership with XENDEX has become yet another example of Hands-On Mobile working with the cream of developer talent to bring the very best mobile content to users around the world.”

In the mobile game BEEzzz, the player has to build a position within the hive. Player starts the game as the worker drone but with time, highly skilled players can become the Queen of the hive. Collecting combos from different coloured flowers multiplies the player’s score and restores health levels.

The game’s features also includes special ‘Bee Candy’ that can be discovered hidden within every level, as well as new areas that are unlocked as the player progresses.

BEEzzz allows all types of players to pick up and play the game, making the task of beating previous high scores a challenging as well as enjoyable task.

Michael Haberl, CEO of XENDEX stated, “Developing BEEzzz in partnership with Hands-On Mobile has been incredibly enjoyable for everyone at XENDEX.”

He concluded, “We are very excited that this game will be enjoyed by mobile gamers around the world through Hands-On Mobile’s extensive distribution channels and we look forward to the next opportunity we have to work together.”