Greatest Road App out for iPhone

Greatest Road App

Bikers may now have yet another provoking reason to hit the road and make the rounds. Greatest Road Software has just revealed the all-new app, Greatest Road, to help motorcyclists find, rate and exchange the best motorcycle roads around the world.

The new app makes searching for great places to ride simpler and more intuitive than ever before. Users can now gleefully choose a location on a map, zoom in or out, and look for nearby road stretches. Each road stretch has a rating indicating how fun, twisty and scenic it is and what shape the road surface is in. Besides, the open-ended comments let users tell others about highlights or report on a current hazard. Interestingly, road stretches are all contributed, rated and commented on by other bikers.

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“The Greatest Road iPhone and iPod touch app will forever change the way motorcyclists discover the most amazing stretches of road, plan rides, and explore distances rated by the larger biker community,” stated Daniel Pifko, founder and CEO of Greatest Road Software. “For less than the price of a good map or a bandana, our customers get live, worldwide maps and routes with the commentary that only other motorcyclists can bring. Whether on cruisers, dual sports, sport bikes, adventure bikes, touring bikes, customs or any other road bike, bikers with an iPhone or iPod touch will find Greatest Road to be the most indispensable tool they use for getting on the road.”

Further, users can now exchange a road description between iPhones or simply email it to themselves or others in the commonly-used gpx format. Intelligently designed, the Greatest Road allows bikers to pick the best roads and plan their trip and brings forth an intuitive map interface for seeking and exchanging great rides.

iPhone and iPod touch users can now snap up the Greatest Road from the App Store.

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