GoSmart Clip for smartphones will hit stores in time for holidays

GoSmart Clip

We all know about the hazards of using our mobile phones while driving. Hence, it’s necessary that the usage of these devices does not distract us from driving. In order to make this easier for drivers, GoSmart doffs the silk off its fresh smartphone holder which simply clasps onto the steering wheel. Christened the GoSmart Clip, it even assists users whilst they access the smartphone’s GPS navigation functions.

The most interesting part is that it is not customized for any particular handset but for any smartphone. It places the device, in such a position that the driver can easily view its display and access it without any hassles. The handset is held in position with two hooks that are styled in the shape of letter ‘J’.

The inventor of the GoSmart Clip, Jae Son, said, “I travel fairly often and when I do, I find the Google maps on my iPhone an indispensable tool, but I also find it very difficult to hold and operate the phone while I’m driving. After searching extensively for a product that would meet my needs and not finding it, I decided to develop what is now the GoSmart Clip. I find the GoSmart Clip an indispensable travel aid, and I hope others will enjoy using it.”

The GoSmart Clip locks the smartphone in place using a ratchet and tooth mechanism. This can be easily adjusted to suit any handset. It doesn’t need any tools to install the phone as elastic strap wraps simply encompass the device securely. As an added benefit this holder is compact and portable, allowing travel buffs to carry it with them all the time.

The GoSmart Clip will hit the Amazon.com in the nick of time for the holidays.