Google’s Verify Apps update for securing your Android smartphone rolling out soon

It seems Google has never been properly satisfied with the way its Verify Apps feature for Android smartphones work. The company has added a fresh tweak to it so that instead of checking for harmful applications merely at the time of download and installation, it keeps a continuous watch over them.

The refresh is expected to be deployed as an update to Google Play Services and it will automatically be pushed to mobile devices working on Android Jelly Bean 4.3 or later versions of the OS. But before applications are even available to users for downloading, Verify Apps and a server side system together scan developer submissions and only then offer them entry into Play Store and devices, respectively.

Google Verify Apps

By frequently monitoring software which has been installed on a phone or tablet, Verify Apps can ensure that the user’s gadget remains safe from mischief makers. The change will be rolled in without requiring manufacturers or carriers to play any part in the process. But Computerworld thinks that malware targeted at Android is much less of a threat than people make it out to be.

“We want to make sure there is no single point of failure within our platform so users can be protected,” declared Android Lead Security Engineer, Adrian Ludwig.

The Verify Apps feature is designed to operate silently in the background and not interfere with the user experience in any way, unless of course it detects trouble. What’s more, there’s the option to turn off this on-device system via settings in case of folks who prefer not to have it running in the first place.