Google does not want you to be a Glasshole

Google is trying to smooth the way for its Glass wearable by issuing notices such as the latest one which gives users tips on How not to be a Glasshole. According to the company’s list of do’s and don’ts, a Glasshole is another word for a creep or rude person wearing the eye-gear.

What it doesn’t state is that Google Glass can turn you into a Glasshole before you even start realizing it. Beware! Let’s put in a bit of explanation. The equipment costs close to $1500 and it was initially only sold to those who signed up for the company’s Explorer testing program. The deal opened up to a few more people at a later stage.

Google Glass

But the point is that Google Glass is expensive and difficult to lay hands on. So few people have actually touched one, let alone used it. There’s a lot of curiosity surrounding the next big thing in wearables. All of this translates into the fact that those testing it may have to answer a lot of questions (including ‘Can I try it on?’) from friends or random strangers.

This is bound to make users irritable, especially if they’re just trying to have a quiet dinner. Google says, don’t wear it then. Take it off until such a time when you feel ready to answer queries or find yourself in a lonely spot. Also, in establishments where cameras or phones with snappers are banned, don’t be a Glasshole, tuck away your eye-wear.

Worried you may be turning into a Google Glasshole? Here’s a link to the entire list of casual rules explaining how not to do precisely this. Tell us if you’ve violated any of them as yet.