Google Search app unleashed for Windows Phone 7.5

Google Search for Windows

The Windows Phone 7.5 platform has finally been endowed with a new Google search app. This should enable easy internet searches for owners of handsets operating on the Mango OS.

The news of the revamped release should appeal to fans of the Google Search system. This service has already made its presence felt across various smartphone platforms like BlackBerry, iOS and of course, Android. The software lets users explore the web for information by simply entering a related term, phrase or word. The input then returns with a number of relevant results.

The recent posts on the Google Mobile blog as well as the Inside Search blog have shed light on a few new features incorporated by this updated service. Firstly, the Google Autocomplete attribute saves time and typing efforts by predicting probable word options in a drop down box when customers enter keywords or search terms. The company asserts that these results often match the intended search phrase.

Apart from this, other emphasized functions of this software include Voice Search and My Location. The former permits audio inputs which make it even easier for individuals to scour the internet at a quicker pace. My Location can be used to customize results on the basis of the users’ geographical location. However, this is activated only after the service is allowed to trace and utilize the current position of the device in question.

The new Google Search app for Windows Phone 7.5 or higher can be installed free of cost from the Windows Marketplace.