Google revamps its Gmail and Calendar mobile web application for iPhone and Android phones

Gmail and Calendar Application

Google announces its new and improved Gmail and Calendar mobile web application for the iPhone and Android based phones. The company claims that this new application is faster and offers better support for offline viewing.

The user interface of Gmail has been improved which makes it easy for users to message while on the go. This new application includes a Floaty Bar that simplifies deleting, archiving and other functions. You can select multiple messages and operate upon them instantly using the Floaty Bar that moves while navigating through the inbox.

In addition to this, Google has improved the look and feel of messages. Thus, it provides a desktop-like look. The notable feature of this improved version is that you can start the application, compose email, and open recently read messages even when you are offline.

The new updated calendar application lets users edit or respond to an event and you can access it without a network connection. Besides this, you can add appointments or edit them or you can and even accept and respond to new invitations. You can now add Gmail and Calendar application to your phone’s home screen.

To take complete advantage of this new and improved Gmail and Calendar mobile application, you can visit from your mobile web browser.