Google releases Car Home App for Android

Car Home App

Sometime back we saw AdelaVoice releasing its StartTalking app to curb distracted driving. Now, According to the Official Google Blog, the company releases an updated version of the Car Home app which puts forth a convenient way to access vital information.

Car Home efficiently transforms the Android handset into an ideal travel buddy, thereby offering easy access to necessary functions like GPS navigation, voice-activated commands and contacts. Users can effortlessly customize the shortcuts to suit their requirements and access several apps and data on the handset. Besides, users can simply drag and drop or discard shortcuts by continuously pressing any of them.

Users can open the handy app directly from their handsets or by docking the phone in a car dock. In addition, users can immediately access Car home when the phone pairs with any Bluetooth device. Users will have to click on Setting from the Car Home screen and choose from any of the paired Bluetooth devices. The app is now available for Android 2.2.

Apart from all this, users can personalize the app by setting their most liked wallpapers. Moreover, users can change the hue of the shortcut icons. Android developers can cheer as they can now easily alter their apps to be compatible with Car Mode. Apps which lend support to Car Mode will be highlighted in a Car applications category, thereby enabling users to easily identify them.

Users can now purchase the app from the Android Market.