GoogleGoogle Pixel Tablet Leaks Online, Specs Revealed

Google Pixel Tablet Leaks Online, Specs Revealed

Pixel Tablet

Last year in October, Google gave us a little peek at its Pixel Tablet that’s slated to arrive this year. While nothing more has come our way through official channels, there’s a new leak that gives us a clearer idea of what to expect from the device.

The Google Pixel Tablet, it seems, will only be offered in one model. You can expect 8GB of Samsung-made LPDDR5 RAM to be present inside it, while 256GB of UFS storage from Kioxia has also been identified to be part of it.

How are these component details so specific, you ask? They’ve been unearthed by Twitter user Kuba Wojciechowski by digging through a lot of code. According to their research, Google was earlier using the “tangor” (T6) codename for the Pixel Tablet.

This model was supposed to ship with the Tensor G1 chipset. However, a delay meant that the SoC was swapped out with the Tensor G2, turning its codename into “tangorpro” (T6P).

Some more digging has led to the conclusion that Google could use a 2560 x 1600 CSoT “ppa957db2d” display on the device, with an RT4539 LED driver at its core. Since the latter is typically used on LCDs, it’s safe to assume that Pixel Tablet won’t use an OLED screen.

There’s more! Apparently, Google is also prepping up two docks to be launched along with this tablet. While one is supposed to act as a speaker, the other is reserved for charging.

There’s a good possibility that the Pixel Tablet will arrive during the Google I/O keynote sometime around May this year. This is also the event during which you can expect the new Pixel 7a to be unveiled to the world.

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