GoogleGoogle Photos' Magic Eraser To Work On All Devices, But With A Catch

Google Photos’ Magic Eraser To Work On All Devices, But With A Catch

Google Photos Magic Eraser

One of the most fascinating Pixel-exclusive features, Magic Eraser, is being democratized by Google. It will soon be available to access on all devices, including iPhones, provided the users are subscribed to Google One.

Magic Eraser is meant to improve the aesthetics of your photographs by using artificial intelligence to remove unwanted objects from the frame and make the subjects stand out. You can use it to remove random strangers from your shots or have it erase overhead cables that are blocking the sunset.

Magic Eraser is a powerful tool that was introduced with the Pixel 6 series and has since been exclusive to it and the Pixel 7 series. Following this announcement, all Android and iOS devices with a subscription to Google One will have access to it.

There’s more. These users will also be able to use Google’s HDR effect on videos. While HDR on photographs is already available to everyone, this video HDR trait will be exclusive to Google One users for now.

Just like in photographs, it greatly enhances the contrast in your clips, making them look more pleasant. There’s something for non-subscribers as well. They can now apply Styles to a single photo in the collage editor and take advantage of a range of new upcoming Styles.

Launched in 2015, Google Photos had been offering free, unlimited photo and video storage to users worldwide. That changed in 2021 when newly uploaded media started getting counted against the 15GB free storage quota shared across users’ Google services.

That’s when the Google One subscription gained immense value, with users who had made Google Photos their go-to media storage being faced with no other option but to buy the membership.

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