Google Personalized Suggest syncs mobile and desktop search history

Google Personalized Suggest Google has made searching easier on the desktops as well as on mobile phones. These days people are hooked on to their desktops and while on the move the handset seems to be their constant companion. Google has introduced an innovative service known as the Personalized Suggest that syncs the search results on the desktop with the mobile phone.

With this service, users need not repeat the same search on the mobile phone which has been performed earlier on the desktop. This Google offering is presently made available on Android, iPhone and Palm WebOS platforms.

According to the Official Google Mobile Blog, ‘For example, suppose that before I depart for the airport, I quickly check my flight status by searching for “american airlines 19” using on my computer. Later, as I am hailing a taxi in rush hour traffic, I can open on my phone, click in the search box, and choose “american airlines 19” from the list of search suggestions!’

Users need to sign-in to the same Google Account on the handset as on the desktop while searching. Further, they have to enable ‘web history’ for their Google account. Users can also turn on/off history by selecting ‘Save searches’ or ‘Do not save searches’ under settings in the official Google website.

Apparently, Google may offer similar service for Symbian devices shortly.