Google outage for 5 minutes caused 40 percent global traffic drop

Although Google is the first thing we turn to when in need of some urgent information, how many of us have actually pondered over the consequences if the website blacks out, even for a matter of 5 minutes? That’s exactly what Google went through several hours ago. Search ceased to work from 23:52 to 23:57 as per BST, according to records.

It may seem quite trivial considering that this whole outage lasted for not more than 5 minutes. But if we were to review the overall damage, the search giant faced a steep 40 percent dip in the total web traffic across the globe, reports real-time analytics website, GoSquared Engineers.

Global Google Pageviews Graph

The company owned up to this blackout and also stated that the issue has now been resolved. Found on its Apps Status Dashboard is a list of products that witnessed this outage, each one accompanied by a green dot as of now, which suggests that the services are functioning without any issues. However, the column to the extreme right displays a pink dot indicating that there was indeed a disruption.

Clicking on this dot directs users to a page wherein the company has apologized for the inconvenience and assured them that measures will be taken to avoid such incidents in the future. It said that 50 to 70 percent of the requests faced errors and the entire incident continued for 1-5 minutes.

Well, Google seems to be back in business at present, but it must’ve given Yahoo and Bing an opportunity to spend a few minutes in the limelight.