GoogleGoogle Nexus One coming soon on Vodafone UK

Google Nexus One coming soon on Vodafone UK

Google Nexus Phone

Users who have been filling time to collar Google’s Nexus may now be ecstatic to hear this! For Vodafone’s UK customers, Google Nexus One has just appeared on the carrier’s official website. The handset isn’t yet available but appears to be ‘coming soon’.

The mesmeric new Nexus One from Google combines the latest in hardware with the newest Android software – making it super fast for internet browsing, Google Maps, YouTube and more. The device comes packed with apps for everything – from games, news, weather and mobile banking to Facebook and Spotify.

The Google Nexus sports an impressive 3.7-inch touchscreen making it truly perfect for watching videos and photos. For those in love with photography, the device features a 5 megapixel camera with flash.

Vodafone UK still needs to reveal the pricing details of Google Nexus One.

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